Let’s lend our support

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, August 2, 2006

Sometimes it takes more than talented athletes, experienced coaches and a few wins to have a successful football season.

Sometimes it takes the support of the city, which the school represents. In order to have what Coach Brian Montgomery of Selma High School would call a successful season, it is going to take the support of Selma before he will consider this year a success – no matter the number of wins.

You’ve seen the movies where the local stores close their doors and put signs on their windows encouraging their customers to go to games and support the home team.

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In Selma, there are a number of schools to support, but only one city high school. Yet there still isn’t the signage or the support, per say, in Selma for their Saints. Selma High could be a shining light for the community with support from its city. The school has done well academically and has had successful years in the past athletically.

But now, there is a call from the coaching staff and student-athletes for the support of the city whose name will be on their jerseys to come out to their games, to cheer for them as they march up and down the football field.

This year, the faces of the SHS team and coaching staff

have changed. Whether or not that is for the better is yet to be seen.

This year, from top to bottom, the coaching staff has spent this summer putting its touch on what it hopes will be a new and improved football experience.

Their bid to earn support from Selma has started with showing their faces and working for the same people they hope will come to their games. “We’re doing a lot of stuff in the community,” said linebacker/offensive lineman Tobias Wilson. “We’re washing cars and cutting elderly people’s grass.”

Montgomery is quick to say that it’s not all about what happens on the field.

The Selma High Saints are working hard this year on and off the field for support from their community.

They want our support. Let’s give it to them.