Shop Selma during tax holiday

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, August 1, 2006

With school just around the corner, new clothes are on the minds of many soon to be students. While the latest fashions may be running rampant through the minds of the kids, the cost that comes with the trends are taking precedence over the thoughts of the parents.

The next few weeks are bound to be good for many retailers as the rush will be on as parents begin making purchases to satisfy the needs of their students.

Fortunately, for Dallas County and Selma parents, along with many other Alabamians, they will get a break from those high prices thanks to the Back to School tax break.

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Purchases that will not be taxed at the cash register include back to school supplies, such as clothes valued up to $100, school supplies that sell for up to $50 each, books worth up to $30 and computers and computer equipment valued up to $750. The sale begins this Friday, Aug. 4 and goes through the weekend up to Aug. 6. In addition to items purchased this weekend, clothes and other acceptable items that are cashed out from lay-aways will also fall into the tax-free category.

For more information you can go to the Alabama Retail Association Web site,

The Alabama Retail Association has done an exceptional job in getting this holiday passed through legislation. The conscious decision of our local elected officials also deserves praise for making good on the holiday at a local level.

According to the ARA Web site, the state estimates a loss of $3.5 million in state sales tax that weekend, which means the state’s financial gurus expect $87.5 million in sales. For the past two years, the ARA has championed this tax holiday and made its passage its top legislative priority this year.

Take advantage of this once-a-year break in taxes and most importantly, shop Selma first for all your back to school needs.