Take some pride in our city

Published 12:00 am Monday, July 31, 2006

To the Editor:

I have noticed that some of the shrubbery (that I heard came about by a large grant being awarded to the city and the city in turn used an out-of-town landscaping company to do the work – which did a poor job caring for the plants) is now being cut; however, the shrubbery at the very end of each median turnaround needs more attention. Weeds are higher than the plants; also at Highway 41 traffic light, there are more weeds and paper among the plants than plants themselves. This is an eyesore.

After the sides have been cut (which has been looking better, after a new contractor has been hired, they need to go all the way to the Welcome sign), why can’t the city workers that ride on those highway vacuums be tasked to pick up paper regularly. It seems the vacuums are used for a transportation mode only.

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Just this week, one of the vacuums had made it all the way out to Ginnie’s restaurant across from Craig Field.

This seems to be a waste of taxpayers’ money and poor management. Let’s get some pride in our city.

H. King