Southside needs new coach

Published 12:00 am Monday, July 31, 2006

To the Editor:

For over 25 years, each kid growing up in Selmont (across the river) always dreams of wearing red and black and playing basketball for the Southside High School Panthers.

Southside has produced some of the state’s best student-athletes, in the 1970s James “Tanky” Otey, 1980s Calvin “Iceman” Ingram, 1990s, Casey Green, 2001 Chuck Davis, 2003 Nelson Watters, 2006 Jeffery Anderson.

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In 1985, Rodney Stevens and Mickey Tyree led Southside to the 4-A state championship.

In one year, the headcoach has brought shame and pain to the Southside High School program. Over half the team has quit or transferred to another school. The other half is just confused. As of today, the coach hasn’t worked with the team this summer.

In February 2006, the coach benched the starting five players against Trinity High of Montgomery and lost by 29 points. This tactic broke the team’s heart and they never recovered. Would you lose on purpose? Not one kid from this team was recommended for a scholarship by their coach.

On July 6, the North South All Star game was held in Huntsville. Two months ago, a Southside player (guard) was chosen to be a player on the South team. Paperwork was sent to the coach, but never sent in to the committee nor did he tell this player that he made the team.

Weeks later the committee called the player’s father and asked why his son didn’t submit the paperwork. The father was shocked because he nor his son were told by the coach.


player, still hurting, had a chance to perform in front of college scouts and the best high school players in the state.

This is unacceptable. This coach is detrimental to the team. Players, parents and the community, demand a new coach.

Bruce L. Holmes Sr.

Southside P.T.O. vice president