Residents must stop landfill

Published 12:00 am Thursday, July 27, 2006

To the Editor:

We as citizens of the State of Alabama must stop the proposed dump in Lowndes County on the Beautiful Alabama River at the Lowndes County Commission level!

The Alabama River is a true jewel of Alabama and can be an income producing gold mine for Lowndes County and other surrounding Black Belt counties if the river region is developed as the Envision 20/20 is proposing.

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The way to stop the proposed Dump in Lowndes County to be located on the Alabama River is in my opinion that the Lowndes County Commissioners need to know that the citizens of Lowndes County are not as easily fooled as the Alabama River Partners, LLC would think we are.

Why do these people keep coming back to Black Belt counties to dump their trash!

It is because they think we are not smart enough to look at the facts and know it is a bad idea.

There is a more powerful “Con” to all the “Pros” that they may present!

All that glitters is not gold – and the “Bling-Bling” shield ARP is holding up does not hold water – just like the chalk lining they are touting as a perfect protection from contamination!

We are not stupid.

The health of our community and the surrounding counties is much more important than the little rhinestone that they are dangling in our faces!

The Alabama River Partners, LLC can not guarantee that our water will be safe to drink…it is only stated that it is “unlikely” that the water will be contaminated.

The Aquifer does not just supply just the local residents – but it supplies all areas. If there is even a small possibility that it could be contaminated … that is not acceptable!

Our roads and rail will be as affected as the river traffic that first caught my attention.

Not just the traffic on the two lane County Road 37 and 54 will be a problem … but Highway 80 and other highways and roads will be affected too!

They are proposing bring trash in from six states.

I am encountering many large trucks carrying the Hyundai Sonata on County Road 54 (Montgomery side) already – they turn wide and frankly just do not belong on the two-lane County Road 54 when the interstate is a much safer route!

This will also be a problem for our small county roads when the big trash transport trucks line up to dump their loads.

The proposed transport of contaminated un-inspected trash from New Orleans to Lowndes County includes using the same barges to turn around and transport gravel to build up the levees in New Orleans.

This is just not possible … it takes two different kinds of barges!

Non truths are proposed.

If New Orleans has Construction and Demolition trash to dump – use the C&D Dumps in their state first.

Or if it is so safe – use it to build up their levees.

Sonya Abner