Waffling politicians

Published 12:00 am Saturday, July 22, 2006

To the Editor:

Don’t you just love waffling politicians?

In Sen. Jeff Sessions’ previous remarks about renewing the Voting Rights Act, he said that he opposed renewing the Voting Rights Act but if it were renewed it should apply to the entire United States.

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Now he says he will vote for the Act without major changes.

Do I hear “waffle,” “waffle,” “waffle?”

And Sen. Richard Shelby ought to be ashamed also for his own “waffling.” Two United States senators from Alabama have relegated Alabama to 25 more years of “reconstruction.”

The 1965 Selma to Montgomery voting rights march was nothing more than a five day orgy of sex, drunken orgies and public defecation.

It’s all in the records of the Alabama Public Safety Department. Please refer to the Congressional Record of the 89th Congress, Vol. 111, No. 57, dated Tuesday, March 30, 1965 and read what Rep. William L. Dickinson (R-Ala) had to say about the march.

Dickinson called it “March on Montgomery – The Untold Story.” One of the groups he described as “human flotsam, adventurers, beatniks, prostitutes, and similar rabble.”

They were promised $10 per day, free room and board and all the sex they wanted from opposite members of either race.

The gala Hollywood Burlesque was housed in Tent No. 9 at “Tent City” in White Hall, Ala., every night. The flyer stated, “Note to Southern girls; come join in the fun if you can cast off the old-fashioned ideas, whether of racial bigotry or medieval moronic morality. Hollywood’s greatest tradition beckons you. Come, meet Paul and the boys.”

Finally, Rep. Dickinson stated in his remarks, “If you wonder why the Reverend Norman C. Truesdell, of Dubuque, Iowa, Rabbi Richard Rubenstein, Chaplain from the University of Pittsburgh, and many other ministers and religious leaders left the so-called freedom march in disgust, this is the reason. Whitewashing history does not change what really happened on the Selma to Montgomery Voting Rights March.”

Now, the National Parks Service, Federal & Alabama Departments of Transportation has built an edifice, the “Orgy Temple” in Lowndes County to the tune of over $7 million to honor the mother of all orgies which will hold its grand opening on Aug.

25-27, 2006.

I am certain the “Waffling Senators” will be present to help glorify the “Mother of all Orgies!!!”

Patricia S. Godwin