Change at Lapsley, Jeff Davis

Published 12:00 am Saturday, July 22, 2006

To the Editor:

Drivers beware!

A critical change has occurred for the West-bound drivers at the intersection of Lapsley and Jeff Davis.

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Previously, West-bound traffic had to stay in the LEFT lane to proceed straight through the intersection.

The Right lane was RIGHT turn only.

Two lanes enter the intersection, but only ONE goes through.

This week, city crews were out painting new signs and lane markings, plus hanging new signs by the traffic lights.

Now the RIGHT lane is for driving straight through and for right turns.

The LEFT lane is now left turn only!

I was just now involved in a horn-honking near-miss, as I followed the new signs and the left-lane driver

proceeded as in former times.

Only one of us could go straight through, and she was clearly upset as I took the right-of-way.

(She honked at me again down the road as I turned off.) I’m thankful we didn’t have a closer meeting.

The new traffic flow will be smoother.

Hopefully, drivers will stay alert and follow the new rules without any fender benders!

Helen Glaze