Can’t always spot the enemy

Published 12:00 am Saturday, July 22, 2006

To the Editor:

The letter on choice (of candidate), by Dr. Smith, was well thought out and I could find nothing to argue with.

However, I have to add Islam is not the only enemy of this Christian nation.

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There is a greater danger that is harder to identify. You can’t spot them by the way they look or dress.

They are of “our Christian Heritage.”

They look and sound like your best friend, or your Sunday School teacher, or the cashier at the super market.

Occasionally a bumper sticker on their car or the election sign in their front yard will give a clue to their political identity.

They will tell you they go to church every Wednesday and twice on Sunday and they sincerely think they would never betray God or their country.

But they do just that every time they vote for a candidate of the “party of choice” even when the candidate’s personal views are at odds with the party platform.

The power of numbers allows the “party of choice” to have its way.

Although you may proudly proclaim “life long” membership in the “party of choice” you may not realize what your vote really means.

It means that you are o.k. with abortion and gay marriage and scientific research on unborn babies and you authorize the candidate of the “party of choice” to vote for those things that fly in the face of everything Christians believe.

They pass laws and budget tax money to pay for those things and the result is God is defied and America is divided and weakened.

Our votes have consequences for our souls particularly when we arrogantly act in our own selfish interests and with full knowledge that the political party we champion supports acts that are an abomination to God.

The enemy is hedonistic liberalism and those who have fallen prey to its seductive promise.

Carolyn Knight