Another challenge of the city

Published 12:00 am Saturday, July 22, 2006

To the Editor:

Friends of Forrest v. City of Selma, Sanders v. City of Selma, Dallas County v. City of Selma (Tower Case in Federal Court), First Baptist Church v. City of Selma (Old YMCA Building owned by the church, across the street from city hall), and the list continues.

In all of these cases the public relations campaigns against the city and mayor have been brutal. In every instance, the mayor was demonized and the city made to look like the bad guys. Yet, in every case the City won.

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This is why I find it hard to believe that Mayor Perkins and the city council would do anything that would put the citizens of Selma and Dallas County in harms’ way.

I hear the county keep suggesting and saying this about the tower and I see the same demonizing and talking down about the city by many of the same talking heads.

But I find it hard to believe.

Personally, I did not need to talk to the mayor or my councilperson to get all the details of their decision. I voted for them and until proven otherwise, I trust their judgment.

But others may still not understand that the mayor is neither stupid nor mean.

And he really has the interest of Selma citizens at heart.

From talking to friends and associates, I have come to the conclusion that one of the biggest problems Mayor Perkins and the city have is public relations or managing the media spin.

Someone from the city needs to explain the city’s version of the tower issue.

Why is the city suing the county about the tower?

The county lawyers have made certain we know their spin.

The people deserve to know the city’s spin.

Even though the city won all of these cases, many of the people only remember the demonizing media spin and have forgotten the fact the city ended up being on the right side of the law.

I hope the city will give this some thought and hopefully do something about it.

Daryl Thomas