A ‘hole’ other story

Published 12:00 am Saturday, July 22, 2006

Selma resident nails cup in one stroke, says it’s not the first time

By Erika D. Goodman

The Selma Times-Journal

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VALLEY GRANDE – The Valley Grande Golf Course had its first hole in one this past Thursday.

Marvin Melton, an 87-year-old Selma man, had his glory when he made the 100-yard shot.

Melton’s golf buddy of 10 years, Henry Gibbs, said that the golf day started off normally.

“It was hot,” Gibbs said jokingly. “I took my shot, and the ball was about four feet from the pin, and I told Marvin to try to top it.”

Melton did top Gibbs’ shot with his seven iron, sinking the ball in hole No. 4.

“If you aim uphill, you’ll make it,” Melton said.

Melton is a fierce competitor and not unused to this type of success on the course.

“I have been playing golf for 50-something years,” said Melton. “This isn’t my first hole in one. I’ve had three at the golf course over my eight years of playing there. And as for the golf course, I like the improvements.”

Although Gibbs was happy for his friend, he thinks the experience is not quite complete.

“When you make a hole in one, you are supposed to buy your golfing partner a drink,” Gibbs says. “I’m still waiting on my drink.”

If any golfers want to get tips from this golf veteran, good luck.

The only thing Melton will say is, “Keep your head down.”