Always angry white boy

Published 12:00 am Thursday, July 20, 2006

To the Editor:

Talented, award winning British screenwriter and dramatist Tom Stoppard’s play “The Real Thing” contains a quote and truism worthy of remembering… “I don’t think writers are sacred, but words are.

They deserve respect. If you get the right ones in the right order, you might nudge the world a little.”

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Makes plenty of sense and I agree.

However, there is amongst us a popinjay of ostentatious demeanor.

This personal acquaintance of some time now has the marked and distinct propensity of an overly-inflated ego and enjoys lauding

his intellectuality and omniscient wisdom upon ladies. Precise, distinct admonishments,

up close and personal, references of ‘Holy’ scripture have been ‘shared’ for consideration of the recipient.

This attitude of self-agrandizement

and condescending disrespectfulness has not surprisingly included the much respected acquaintance of mine, Reverend Dr. Williamson and certainly a number of other notables.

Sufficiently wise and resilient, its has not come as any surprise to my friend

or myself.

Nothing certainly surprises me anymore, especially in Selma.

In the July 9, 2006 STJ, everyone was treated to a ‘manufactured’ explanation of the honorable Mr. Cameron and his altruistic efforts assisting his ‘client’ with recent issue of improved lawn maintenance at the mayor’s residence.

This interest launches Mr. Cameron’s cannon as it were to include a superfluous vitriolic diatribe of America’s significant political figures’ contributions and a scathing critique of those more recent.

This angry white boy without any doubt ALWAYS has a better ‘rat-trap.’

Due to the fact that Mr. Cameron finds our local politicians and ‘specified reverends’ lacking and no less than hypocrites, he has the audacity to strongly suggest why he should be elected to House District 67.

His ‘issue’ is that the incumbent is an ‘openly non-Christian’ and that there is no future for the country as such.

He seems to forget his American history in the fact that a number of the Founding Fathers did not embrace Judeo-Christian


Considerable knowledge and complaints of Mr. Cameron regarding his prior attempts to have earlier correspondence published in this column cause some degree of disbelief.

I just can’t imagine why he feels this way.

Oh wait – maybe I can.

Is there a remote possibility writer Cameron’s thoughts of 7-9-06 have garnered sufficient attention he feels he deserves and so desperately craves. MAYBE!

To this end and being an occasional co-host of a local radio program alongside a prominent black attorney doesn’t appear to have sufficed.

This angry white man aggressive personal traits to the extent of being obnoxious is cause for serious reservation.

His glaring levels of animosity regarding America’s historical figures and the locals is cause for much consternation.

Bro. Cameron’s loose cannon was vindictive and vague at best regarding his longstanding personal vendetta with the Rev. Williamson.

An honorably discharged veteran indeed.

Makes me wonder how he avoided NOT being thrown in the pokey for insubordination.


This All Americans citizenship is a privilege of being a free citizen within these great United States

and it would be to his credit to refrain himself from the profusion of rabid, irresponsible attacks on

his elders and those in positions of responsibility.

Be kind enough to cease instigating your brand of hate and discord.

“The Real Thing” wasn’t only a serious comedy that portrayed philosophical ideas but today in Selma, the picture is all to clear.


Seriously, I regret it’s too late for me to enjoy a career as a photo-journalist.

Do I hear laughter?


Will GOD continue to shed HIS GRACE on THEE?

Mrs. George H. Taylor