Riley’s offer rejected?

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, July 18, 2006

To the Editor:

As the campaign for Probate Judge starts to really take shape, the “Battle Field” starts to come into focus, my opponent’s “strengths and weaknesses” are easily identifiable. The mission of the leadership on the opposing side is to keep Selma and Dallas County as is, behind the times. They do this by continually throwing in little meaningless obstacles to confuse the real issues at hand. Just look at the latest “battle” between the city and county – childish, childish!

When I picked up The Selma Times-Journal last Tuesday morning and read where Gov. Riley had taken a delegation of Alabama’s finest industrial minds to China, South Korea and Great Britain, to try and recruit high-tech industry, I was elated. As I read down the list of those accompanying the governor, I was shocked when I realized there was no one from Dallas County in attendance.

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I was told an invitation was issued. Why would the leadership of Selma and Dallas County pass up an opportunity to meet with, network with, learn from, exchange ideas and possibly make a contact for future business ventures? Could it be we had no one they felt comfortable sending on this high profile trip; after all, I heard they did contribute money.

Folks, let me say this. If you elect me your Probate Judge, an opportunity like this will never be missed again and that’s a Promise!

To pass up an opportunity to accompany the most productive governor we’ve had in 50 years, along with some of Alabama’s most progressive minds when it comes to business and industry recruitment, is an outright travesty. I can’t understand why they didn’t send my opponent Commissioner Ballard. It would have been a great opportunity for him to prove his worth.

The voters would have been able to judge his real capabilities. Again, I don’t understand why they didn’t send one of the other county commissioners. I’m sure they would have proven to have been an outstanding ambassador for Dallas County.

The truth is, we needed to send someone who is aggressive, confident, well educated, experienced in world travel, understands the game, knows how to meet and communicate with others at higher levels without being “misunderstood” and clearly understands his or her mission. Folks, this is the way you “bring home the bacon!” I’m sure we have a person here in Selma and Dallas County who would have been a great ambassador for us on this trip. Somebody or bodies dropped the ball and we again lost an opportunity to win the game. We don’t need another “Lockheed Martin fiasco!” (Some said it was a sure thing!)

As I said at the beginning of this letter, the “strengths and weaknesses” of my opponent and the opposing side are becoming clearer and clearer as the campaign takes shape. Just remember “birds of a feather flock together.”

Col. Brock Wells

Candidate for Probate Judge