Correcting White Hall information

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, July 18, 2006

To the Editor:

Leon Caver, who has been recently in the news for an alleged shooting incident in Autauga County, served as an auxiliary part-time police officer for White Hall, Ala.

He worked under the supervision of a trained or certified officer.

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He had previously taken training in New York and inter-level training in the City of Atlanta before coming to the White Hall Police Department.

Mr. Caver was found guilty in an Autauga County court of law for something that had nothing to do with his service as an officer for White Hall.

For some reason, the media has repeated over and over again that Mr. Caver was a “White Hall Police Officer” when the incident to which he was brought to court had nothing to do with his capacity as a “White Hall Police Officer.”

The incident for which he was found guilty involved a family situation.

To my knowledge, The City of White Hall has not received any complaints about Mr. Caver ever pulling his weapon on anyone while on duty.

He served in his position with dignity.

As of Tuesday, July 11, 2006, Mr. Caver was relieved of his duties as an officer for White Hall.

We are saddened by this recent tragedy and we send our condolences and prayers to Mr. Caver and his entire family.

John Jackson

Mayor of White Hall