Bringing back Battle good for Selma

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Not too long ago, some Selmians had lost hope that the annual Battle of Selma Civil War reenactment would not return. Thanks to numerous volunteers and the newly appointed Battle Chairman, Chuck Yeargan of Yeargan Construction here in Selma, those worries are over.

The Battle of Selma Authority, Inc. announced last week that the reenactment would once again occur on Selma soil with next year’s event slated for April 12 – 15, 2007.

There remains lots of work to be done to ensure next year’s Battle is successful.

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There are also numerous changes that hope to promote reenactor participation and spectator attendance.

The date of the event hopes to skirt around other dates that have proven to be stumbling blocks.

In addition, there is a major effort to rebuild the earthworks at the event.

In addition to the help of volunteers, others around the state have boarded the band wagon and contributed their services.

State Tourism officials have even acknowledged the importance of the Battle and have agreed to assist the Authority in coordinating access to morning TV and radio programs in the weeks leading up to the Battle that can provide significant exposure over much of the state at no cost.

Those changes, plus the realization of the events importance to Selmians, are sure to create some excitement around next year’s event.