Photographer clears the record

Published 12:00 am Saturday, July 8, 2006

To the Editor:

I ended my subscription to this publication a few months ago because of its lack of willingness to publish my columns.

You see, dear reader, this publication does not wish to have something as simple as the whole truth to grace its pages. Controversy is the watchword of the day. Have you ever noticed that when a news writer seems to be getting her niche, she suddenly disappears like a little girl who is kidnapped from a mall? Sensationalism and pot stirring are the ingredients to keep you coming back, so that is the procedure followed.

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After what my name has been through in print in the last month or so, combined with the recent writings of a madman totally out of touch with any kind of reality, these two factors entitle me to grace Page 4 of this publication one more time – even if it is the last time.

Let me be perfectly clear. My photography of the home of James Perkins, Jr., was in no way related to any covert operation orchestrated by the Dallas County Commission. Why would I help Democrats, members of the party of traitor and Klansman Nathan Bedford Forrest? It is interesting to note that Mr. Perkins is himself not only a member of the party of traitor Forrest, the Democrats, but is the new chairman of the party of Nathan Bedford Forrest.

Ya wanna know why our mayor’s home was photographed? It was to be a simple exercise in lawn maintenance. My client contracted me to photograph the home once a week for a month, or until the grass had been cut, whichever came first. The plan was to report the address in question as a home with a neglected lawn that the City would in turn have to maintain and to attempt to contact the owner of the home to recover fees for services. This operation, of course, ended with my immediate contact with the son of the Mayor who questioned me and profanely called me a liar after I correctly identified who I was.

My immediate journey to a nearby service station was out of fear for my life, as I did not know who this young hothead was who had been so rude to me.

I told my friends that I was in trouble, and they were on guard to protect me. I love them and I thank them.

In the days after this event, I secured work out of Alabama.

I was told of the police action and was kept up to date on all moves made regarding this matter by Revisionist Historian Cecil Williamson.

It is quite troubling how a minister of the Gospel fails to learn from Lot about never looking back (this also applies to Kobi Little, but this is not his day).

Dr. Williamson was dying for me to be arrested on any charge possible so that he could quick draw his newest doctorate, a juris doctorate, and represent me pro bono.

Suffice to say, I would have been unable to accept this “wonderful” offering of help because of the conflict of interest it would have created since Dr. Williamson is in fact my political enemy; not opponent, enemy.

I recently was given columns written by this man which I dismissed as I grow weary of his acts of treachery (defined my Merriam-Webster as violation of allegiance or of faith and confidence) because of his lack of willingness to look beyond the 1860s and look to the new Millennium. Wanna talk about revisionist history? If one did not know better, one would think that Doctor Williamson’s saviour was not Jesus Christ, but in fact this Nathan Bedford Forrest, Klansman, Democrat and murderer of countless black Americans and 1,300 Republicans.

While it is true that the civil rights hacks of the new Millennium do continue to neglect to admit that Forrest was a Democrat, just like they are, it is Doctor Williamson, fake Republican, who does the same. Why would any man continue to give his loyalty to the memory of someone who gave aid and comfort to the enemy of the Army of the United States of America, of which my father and I later served? A side note. My father was an elder in Dr. Williamson’s church, which is why I am especially hurt by this neglect by him.

A second side note. The civil rights hacks continue to call Robert B. Lee a racist. The simple fact is that Mr. Lee, just like Jane Fonda, had the guts to say he was wrong, to apologize, and to sign an oath of allegiance to our United States, on whom he turned his back. His citizenship was restored posthumously. Doctor Williamson stays quiet on that topic.

Doctor Williamson and Mister Perkins are two of a kind. Do not be misled. One is the current chairman of the Dallas County Democratic Party, and the other gives his loyalty to a dead Democrat who was instrumental in the killing of soldiers of the United States Army. Doctor Williamson may call himself a Republican, but when the chips are really down, he just rolls over and giggles. Who would know this better than I after my run for Congress in 2004? He can criticize the civil rights hacks for their brand of revisionist history, but when he at the same time is guilty of the very same act for which he accuses them, it discredits him as much as he discredits them.

Abe Lincoln a despot? I must have dropped some really bad acid when I read that, as I know no true Republican would say that about a Republican President, especially the one responsible for our being an indivisible nation. Republican Williamson criticizes Republican President Grant? What am I missing here.

The sad thing is, the Republican Party, both locally and nationally, has become as evil as the Democrat Party (or, the Forrest Party).

It has no will to reach out on a new direction for the good of the most people, and it just spins its wheels.

In the new Millennium, conservatism has become as Satanic as liberalism. Just look at Limbaugh and Clinton, the Satan twins.

Maybe Reverends Williamson and Little should be locked away in some underground bunker for a week with two Bibles so they can both come back down to Earth and be the ministers of the Gospel that they made the commitment to be. They were just alike then, and have evolved to be just alike now.

By the way, if you think that it is wrong to have an openly non-Christian person as your state representative, and you see no future for the county with any other candidate, just write in the name Steve Cameron beside “write-in” in the race for House District 67, and thank you.

Steve F. Cameron