A sure thing!

Published 12:00 am Saturday, July 1, 2006

To the Editor:

Back in October of 2002, I wrote several letters to the STJ as Governor Riley’s County Team Leader for Dallas County.

I accused several of our local leaders of having “close ties” with then Gov. Don Siegelman. I pointed out specific reasons why they as leaders should support then candidate Bob Riley.

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They all ignored my wisdom to include the STJ who came out and publicly endorsed Don Siegelman.

Look at them today. They all “hang their heads in Shame” as their candidate stands convicted of federal crimes along with his long time “Crony.”

On the other hand, my candidate, Gov. Bob Riley went ahead and defeated “Their” candidate in a very close race and look where the state of Alabama stands today.

A billion dollar surplus.

The lowest unemployment rate in the history of the state.

High paying jobs being created all over the state (except here at home). Education booming (except here at home).

Progress, progress, progress (except here at home). I could go on and on (except here at home).

Folks, we have to wake up and pick “Leadership over Friendship.”

It’s your “VOTE” that will determine our future and the future of our children.

Check out your candidate, ask about his/her “Character,” ask who are his/her “Cronies,” check out his/her Support Base.

Is he/she worth the salary they will receive and why? Don’t be afraid to ask around check with your friends and neighbors. It’s your right as an American. Just remember -“Birds of a feather all flock together.”

Again, I ask you and the current leadership of Selma and Dallas County to step up and support “Leadership over Friendship.”

Gov. Bob Riley, his Staff and “Supporters” have set the standard for “ALABAMA POLITICS.”

Let’s step-up to the plate and “hit the long ball.”

Support a winner, “THE RILEY-WELLS TEAM.”


Col. Brock Wells

Riley County Team Leader