Selma native loves to make people laugh

Published 12:00 am Thursday, June 29, 2006

The Selma Times-Journal

Slapping your leg, bent over and crying.

That’s how Maurice Sims wants to see Selmians when he comes to town.

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No, not in pain, but laughing.

Born and raised in Selma, Sims is the founder and CEO of 27 Wayz Entertainment in Atlanta, Ga. He is a 1990 graduate of Selma High School

and attended Wallace Community College Selma from 1993-1994 where his mother encouraged him to major in Criminal Justice. While attending WCCS, Sims got a part-time job at Footlocker in the Selma Mall. It was that part-time job that would lead him to Boston, Detroit and his current home in Atlanta, Ga.

Sims says he settled there so he could go back and forth to Selma as he pleased.

Holding a management position at Footlocker in Atlanta aided Sims in getting his current job as Field manager for Uhaul of Northern Georgia where he is over 12 stores.

He works for Uhaul Monday through Friday, nine to five, but come Friday at 5:01 p.m., he puts on his entertainment hat.

“I gotta have a real job and a dream,” said Sims.

The idea to branch out into the entertainment business came to Sims as a divine inspiration.

“The Lord blessed me with this idea, and this is my way of giving back to the world,” said Sims.

Though encouraged by his mother to pursue a career in Criminal Justice, Sims had to follow his dream of bringing laughter to the south east.

“Who doesn’t like comedy? It takes you to another level. It gets you out of your world for a moment,” Sims said.

Though not a comic himself, Sims writes jokes and

has produced three shows in Selma over the past two years. Sims says he tries to hire comics who will appeal to all cultures and races.

“It’s hard to make everybody laugh.

I try to get comics with mass appeal. I just knew that Selma would appreciate something like that.

I wanted to do something in Selma before I did anything anywhere else,” said Sims.

The last show was held in September 2005. He was a bit disappointed in the turnout, but contributes that to a blues show held the same night.

Sims said, “They came out, but they didn’t come out in the numbers that I needed in order to continue to do shows there on a monthly basis.”

The name of the company, 27 Wayz Entertainment, is a tribute to Selma.

Sims seems to take much pride in coming from the Queen City. He started the company in 2004.

“That’s letting people know where I’m from – Selma.

(Two and seven are) the first two numbers on the (license) plates.”

Sims has worked with various artists including comedians featured on BET’S Comic View, Arnesto and Sean Larkin.

Larkin performed in the play “Secrets Men Keep” and currently “Can A Jezebel Become First Lady?”

Sims is currently planning the Georgia Comedy and Music Experience in Athens, Ga. July 14.

This show will showcase comedians Drew Thomas, Byron Bowers and Universal recording artist Salakida.

For more information about the artists visit and

Sims is planning to bring another comedy show to Selma Thanksgiving weekend.

Sims has plans to come back and settle in the Queen City some day.

His sister, Chandrell Moore, still lives here. Although he lives out of town, Sims says, “Selma is my hometown. I will never turn my back on Selma.”