Don’t use man’s business for politics

Published 12:00 am Saturday, June 17, 2006

Mayor Perkins:

In a previous article in The Selma Times-Journal and on Viewpoint June

6, 2006, I understand you chose to implicate my business, Highland Ave BP, in your political mess.

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Please let me explain something to you. I do not care where you live, who you support or the condition of your property.

It is public knowledge that you are upset or intimidated by my father.

My father took his loss in the mayoral election with grace and humility. You

have replied to this with innuendos and the very disrespect that you hate for others to show you.

As for Mr. Cameron, he has three trucks at Highland BP and stops frequently to check on their status.

Mr. Cameron’s business with me is with me, not you.

I would ask that you keep my business out of your politics.

If you wish to convey a message to my father, please be man enough

to do so directly. Don’t use my business as one of your political pundits.

Now the warning: Leave me, my business and my family alone.

Patrick Hisel


Highland Ave BP