‘We got it!’

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, June 7, 2006

Ballard victorious in complete unofficial primary election results

By Cassandra Mickens

The Selma Times-Journal

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In the crimson-washed Alabama room of his East Castlewood Drive home Tuesday night, Kim Ballard stuck to the radio like glue. As the primary election results poured in from the county’s 31 precincts, Ballard’s supporters grew confident of the commissioner’s victory.

“I think it’s a done deal!” one supporter shouted.

“Will the real probate judge stand up!” said another.

But Ballard remained cool, calmed and collected, writing down the results of each precinct in a manila folder.

“Not yet,” he said. “Not yet.”

Then a hush fell over the exuberant crowd. The complete unofficial election results were in. Ballard had acquired 6,172 votes. Kobi Little, Ballard’s key opponent, had acquired 4,229 votes.

And the crowd went wild.

One of the most hotly contested races in the county, it looks as if Kim Ballard is Dallas County’s next probate judge, carrying 51% of the vote. Results will be confirmed at the Dallas County Courthouse today.

“I feel great right now,” Ballard said. “It’s a great time when we can win in a county that is 64 percent black and a white candidate can win without a runoff. That says a lot for this county and change has come about. People are voting for the most qualified person and I am so thankful and I’m so humble, I don’t know how to express it.”

Ballard said his next step is to learn all the inner workings of the probate judge’s office between now and January. He guaranteed the people of Dallas County he will work tirelessly for them.

In the November general elections, Ballard will face republican probate judge candidate Col. Brock Wells.

Opponent Kobi Little – who carried 35 percent of the vote – said Tuesday night he feels great about the campaign he ran, but has not conceded the race just yet. Today he will make certain there were no miscalculations and make sure all ballots are accounted for.

“We’re going to wait until I have a chance to review the official numbers and see everything,” he said.

County School Board Chairman Bill Minor, the remaining probate judge candidate, received 1,684 votes – 14 percent. In a short interview with WHBB 1490 FM, Minor commended his fellow candidates for a well-run race and said he is willing to assist Ballard for the betterment of Dallas County.

Now that the campaign’s over, Minor said he’s going to “go fishin.'”

In all, 12,085 votes were cast for the probate judge race.

Listed below are the results of the county’s other prominent races.

Dallas County Sheriff

Incumbent Harris Huffman Jr. carried 69 percent of the vote Tuesday, with 8,285 votes cast. Huffman’s opponent, Lee Green, carried 31 percent

of the vote, with 3,758 votes cast.

Huffman will face Dallas County Freedom Party candidate Franklin Fortier Jr. in the November general elections.

District 67 State Representative

Incumbent Yusuf Salaam was granted a second term as District 67 State Representative, carrying 53 percent votes cast. Second to Salaam, Ronald Peoples ended his campaign with 23 percent of the vote. Raji Gourdine finished with 19 percent of the vote. Lastly, Rosie Callen carried four percent of the vote.

Salaam will face Dallas County Freedom Party candidate Cliff Albright in November.

Of the 29,500 registered voters in Dallas County, 12,300 or 41 percent of voters made it to polls Tuesday.