Election ’06 financial report

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, June 6, 2006

The Selma Times-Journal

It’s quite a feat to run a successful political campaign without some pocket change. Candidates in the running for Dallas County offices are

aware of this fact, with some carrying more pocket change than others.

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Those vying for political office are required to fill out forms listing all contributions and expenditures in accordance with the Alabama Fair Campaign Practices Act, the state’s campaign finance law.

The law defines campaign contributions as a “gift, subscription, loan, advance, deposit of money or anything of value, a payment a forgiveness of a loan, or payment of a third party, made for the purpose of influencing the result of an election.” Contributions are also defined as “any transfer of anything of value received by a political committee from another political committee, political party or other source.”

Provided by the Dallas County Probate Judge’s office, the campaign finance reports for Dallas County’s two hotly contested races – Probate Judge and Sheriff – are listed below.

Dallas County Probate Judge

Kim Ballard

In a 45-day pre-election report filed April 24, Ballard kicked off his campaign with a balance of $0, but that was soon to change. Ballard reported a total of $13,100 in business and individual cash contributions within Dallas County. In total receipts from

other sources, Ballard took out a loan in the amount of $6,000.

Total expenditures for Ballard’s campaign at this point totaled $17,632.12 for advertisements, loan repayments, rent for his Broad Street headquarters, contributions, fundraisers and administrative costs, leaving Ballard with an ending balance of $1,467.88.

In Ballard’s 10 to 5-day pre-election report filed June 1, Ballard had collected an additional $10,375 from area supporters plus his previous report’s ending balance.

He spent $12,949.79 for advertising, food, consultants and polling, transportation and made contributions to the American Cancer Society, the James V. Caldwell Memorial at Keith High School and area churches.

Currently, Ballard’s ending balance is $1,106.91, well within budget.

Kobi Little

According to Little’s 45-day pre-election report, he collected $15,950 in itemized cash contributions and $442.60 in non-itemized aggregate cash contributions – a grand total of $16,392.60. Those making individual contributions to Little’s campaign hail from Dallas County, Maryland, Georgia, New York and London, England.

Little’s expenditures totaled $16,195.20 for advertising, Website maintenance, administrative costs, fundraising and transportation. After these purchases, Little was left with $197.40.

Little’s 10 to 5 day pre-election report was considerably lower than his first, listing $3,500 in itemized cash contributions and $1,455 in non-itemized contributions totaling $4,955. Little’s expenditures amounted to $4,358.45 for loan repayments, food, T-shirts, and other aforementioned costs.

Little’s ending balance is now $596.55.

William Minor

Minor filed a waiver of his campaign finance report with the probate judge’s office on May 4, citing he has not reached the threshold amount set forth in the Fair Campaigns Practices Act, which is $1,000. Minor again waived his 10 to 5 day pre-election report on June 1, still not having reached the threshold amount.

Brock Wells

The sole republican candidate for probate judge, Wells doesn’t have to generate dollars just yet. Wells stated he has not reached the Fair Campaign Practices Act threshold amount in his 45-day pre-election report filed April 24. Like Minor, Wells waived his campaign finance report on June 1. Unopposed in the today’s primary, Wells will appear on the ballot in November.

Dallas County Sheriff

Lee Green Jr.

Filed April 20, Green’s 45-day pre-election report shows he had a beginning balance of $125. He later received $330 in itemized cash contributions from a church in Toledo, Ohio and local individuals.

Green made an additional

$1,343.73 in non-itemized cash contributions, bringing his grand total to $1,798.73.

Green spent $1,736.03 on advertising mostly. A contribution was made to the Alabama Black Mayor’s Conference and a fundraising event. After expenditures, Green was left with $62.70.

Green’s 10 to 5 day pre-election report showed no change, remaining with a $62.70 balance. Green reported a $10.16 non-itemized expenditure, making his balance $52.54.

Harris Huffman Jr.

Incumbent Huffman listed a beginning balance of $1,792.81 in his 45-day pre-election report. He eventually raised $10,925 in itemized cash contributions from 29 area individuals and 11 businesses. Huffman spent $6,913 on administrative costs, advertising, consultants and polling, leaving him with $5,804.33.

In his 10 to 5 day pre-election report, Huffman tacked on an additional $13,775 to his previous balance. With $19,579.33 in his budget, Huffman spent $10,536 on more administrative costs, advertising and consultants and polling.

Huffman’s ending balance is now $9,043.33.