Back to the center of things

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, June 6, 2006

It is a basic concept in science as well as society that things work better the closer they are to their source.

Who of us has noticed that a tool hooked up to an extension cord is less powerful the further away we get from the outlet?

As far as family and community are concerned, the further away we get from one another, the weaker we become.

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Two important things were done Monday to pull residents of Dallas County closer to their nucleus.

In east Selma, Dinkins Memorial Pool was re-opened after a lengthy renovation process.

Being in the South, we all know the importance of having a place to go to escape the heat.

But after taking a closer look, the way the pool affects the community will go beyond the concrete, steel and water that the pool itself is made up of.

It could be a central hub of activity. In the same area, there is a pond, basketball courts ball fields and plenty of land that has not been used its full potential.

People should not have to look outside their own community for recreation. The only effect that has is making people that live down the street from one another virtual strangers.

Another similar event took place Monday.

After several months of work, there was a groundbreaking for the Tipton Community Shelter.

The main purpose for the building will be a place of refuge for the area’s residents during severe weather.

But that shouldn’t stop people from taking advantage of the facility all year long.

There are a myriad of uses for such a building – family reunions, parties, a meeting place to plan and execute community projects.

Very few people, if any, will disagree with the idea that we as a society need one another now more than ever.

There are few better ways to get back to community-minded living than to have a visible place to go and enjoy one another’s company.

The city and county have given these things to the people.

Residents need only do two simple things to show their thanks – use the facilities and take care of them.