City Council confusion

Published 12:00 am Saturday, June 3, 2006

To the Editor:

I have attended and listened to many city council meetings and each time I see the same mess that has developed for the last several years.

Mr. Evans, are you the council president or is the mayor? I have repeatedly watched and listened to you cower back from his unwarranted aggression. He is a guest, not a member of the council.

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At what point are you going to take control of the out of order atmosphere that seems to exist in almost every council meeting? You are telling us you disagree with something, but when it comes time to vote you seem to be swayed by him and his entourage or threatened by his presence. I think if you step back and take a good long look, you will see that you are just a gadget in his bag of tricks.

He has little regard for your position and shows you little respect unless he needs your support. Mr. Evans, please think about this. You have told many citizens that you have intentions of running against him in the next election. I’m not sure that would be a good decision on your part because many of us feel that there is one more electable who has the leadership qualities we need. However, if things change and you are the chosen to oppose the mayor, the actions you take or don’t take to control the guest and the other council members will come back to haunt you.

Whether your aspirations are in the mayor’s race or the city council race, you must become an independent thinker. The people in our city have been hog tied and hoodwinked by politics and intimidation, now you are allowing yourself to be bound around the mayor’s neck. Just as he is sinking, so will you if you continue in your present line of thinking. Please don’t put yourself and us in that situation. We are depending on you as the President of the Selma City Council.

Irene Bryant Johnson