It’s time for change in Dallas County

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, May 30, 2006

To the Editor:

I would love to compliment the Selma Times Journal on “Impact 2006.”

I enjoyed reading each and every article and found them to be “thought-provoking.” It is most interesting to read about how our city and county are progressing. I found myself comparing them to other cities and counties of comparable size in Alabama.

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The comments made by Mr. Driskell of the Airport Authority and Mr. Vardaman of the Centre of Commerce where most informative.

It appears we have every necessary asset to attract outside industry to our area, and we have in some instances.

I feel certain that everything possible to attract new businesses to our area continues. Mr. Vardaman stated we continue to “beat the bushes” looking for new industry. I commend these two individuals for their dedication and efforts.

Upon returning from Lake Martin this weekend, while passing through the small town of Wetumpka with my husband, I was rather “mystified” by the tremendous amount of ongoing growth. I ask, “What’s happening here?”

A few years ago Wetumpka was a small sleepy town – much smaller than Selma.

As we drove thru, I could not help but notice the large political billboards strategically located throughout the city.

Suddenly my question was answered.

It immediately dawned on me that the problem is – we are not in touch with or in sync with the majority of the state. The rest of Alabama is touting record low unemployment, tremendous improvements in state education, a boom in economic development and Taylor Hicks winning “American Idol.” Friends, this is a “real sign” of progress.

I see Alabama poised for something really significant. Why do I feel Selma and Dallas County will be left out?

You know the problems, and I know the problems. It’s time we make a change. Nov. 7, 2006

– We will have that opportunity.

Miriam P. Wells