Keep kids safe this summer

Published 12:00 am Monday, May 29, 2006

It’s summer time and school is out.

That’s great news for students, as well as teachers. But for some parents, summer is a tough time.

Most parents tend to take care of the basics – such as making sure they have someone they trust to watch the children.

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There are art classes, trips to museums and library programs, all designed to keep children active, and to keep their minds stimulated.

But, the summer is also full of free time and, in some cases, lack of supervision.

Narconon reminds us that those conditions can sometimes cause children to get involved in some things they shouldn’t.

Narconon counselors say that if there is a particular scenario that’s the most difficult to deal with, it is when young kids are exposed to drugs.

It was just last year two sixth grade students in Louisiana were arrested for possession of marijuana and six other students were involved in some way or another, according to information provided by Narconon.

There was also two sisters in elementary school in Oklahoma that were caught bringing drugs to classmates, acting as runners for their older brothers, and admitted to smoking marijuana at home on a regular basis.

In the same town a third grade girl brought a Narconon Arrowhead drug prevention specialist a picture that she drew of a pipe and other drug paraphernalia.

When asked where she saw these items she replied with great fear in her eyes, “at home.” For a moment there was loss for words. Third grade. It is absolutely heartbreaking.

There are a lot of things parents must watch out for in order to keep their children safe.

Keeping drugs out of the home is an easy one.