Hurricane season: Be prepared

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Every time there is a potential emergency, our nature is to flock to the grocery store and/or hardware store to fill up on the supplies that give us comfort during such an event. Countless times during hurricane warnings the lines at grocery stores are longer than could be expected and many times managed. That doesn’t include the frustrations from the customers that often escalate from having to stand in line and wait. Batteries, water, milk and other simple items become a commodity and leave the shelves faster than they came.

All this happens because of a procrastination that has become the American way. Forget warnings, when we see the clouds hovering over us, then we will take action.

But if the Dallas County EMA director, Brett Howard, has anything to say about it, then the long lines won’t become a factor. Why wait until the sky is falling to stock up is the message the EMA is giving its residents during Hurricane Preparedness Week.

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Although the hurricane season isn’t upon us yet, it’s imperative to be prepared before the incident occurs. Based on our recent experience, it will occur.

According to Howard, the most important piece of a disaster supply kit is an adequate amount of water – at least one gallon daily per person. In addition to H20, there should be non-perishable food items, clothing, a first aid kit, flashlight and radio among other things. Howard also recommends blankets, pillows, toiletries, hygiene items, cash, keys, toys, books, games, tools, pet care items and even suggests that your vehicles maintain at least a half a tank of gas in case of an emergency.

Whether people will take the warnings seriously and continue waiting until the last minute to gather goods remains to be seen. Nevertheless, the smart money is on those who are prepared.