Running for Sheriff

Published 12:00 am Sunday, May 21, 2006

To the Editor:

I, Lee Green Jr., have decided to make known that I am an honest, qualified candidate for sheriff of Dallas County. If there were no need for improvement in this sheriff’s office, then I would not be running this race.

There are several issues that need to be addressed, corrected and dealt with in Dallas County.

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First and foremost, the bias in our county government. We as citizens of Dallas County need a sheriff for Dallas County. We just do not need a sheriff for Valley Grande. We have Burnsville, Minter, Orrville, Plantersville, Tyler/Polk, Sardis, Selma, and also Valley Grande. We need a sheriff that will treat every citizen in Dallas County equally and most of all deserves to be treated fair. These are some of the reasons why this election is so important.

Along with the bias in the sheriff’s office, the employees have not been treated fairly. The promotion of rank is currently based on “who is friends with the sheriff.” I am speaking to the employees now – that’s not how a department should be operated. Promotions should be determined by job performance, length of time on the job, along with determination. All employees are to be treated equal. It should not matter whether you are black or white. The color of your skin should not make you settle for less. Once I am elected sheriff of Dallas County, all employees will be weighed the same.

The issues going on with the tower that has been placed outside the county courthouse was no done in order. Everything that we strive to do should be done decent and in order. The tower is a known proven bias in our county government. The county does not respect the mayor of Selma, neither municipal law. I often ask myself how could the “High Sheriff” allow laws to be broken to benefit a certain group of people? All I come up with is unfairness. It’s time to move Dallas County forth. This tower was done for a power struggle. It is to get good citizens of Dallas County minds off the election.

Secondly, there is a man who’s supposed to be running for sheriff by the name of John Ellis, whose name does not appear on the June 6 primary ballot and does not need to be on any more public forums. The reasons being – first of all – his name does not appear as a candidate on the ballot. Secondly, he does not know whether he lives in Dallas County or Chilton County. Thirdly, and most of all, he is not a registered voter. How in the world could you persuade people to vote when you do not vote, never have voted and does not know what to do to become a registered voter?

Thirdly, but very important, the issued faced about the voting ballot in the primary election. The names of the candidates seeking office are placed alphabetically on the ballot. The format of the ballot is and always has been listed in alphabetical order. All officers are in order except the “SHERIFF” race. Why? It is simple. They are trying to skim and be unfair. Citizens of Dallas County, please don’t be fooled! Open your eyes and look around. Do not be mislead. Anybody that has been in kindergarten knows “G” comes before “H.” IT does not take a rocket scientist to figure that out. But of course that is their plan for the incumbent to be re-elected.

So overall, pray about, and let God lead and guide you in the way you should go on the ballot. Importantly, let us all go out to the polls and case your vote on June 6 because it lies in the hands of the citizens of Dallas County.

Lee Green Jr.

Candidate for Dallas County Sheriff