Dallas County needs proven leadership

Published 12:00 am Sunday, May 21, 2006

To Editor:

Kim Ballard has represented the Orville, Cahaba, Safford, River Oaks, etc. area of Dallas County for the past 6 years. Mr. Ballard has served a total of 19 years – as City Councilman for Ward One 9 years and 10 years as County Commissioner. It became my pleasure to meet Mr. Ballard when the make up of the County Commission changed 6 years ago. I brought to Mr. Ballard’s attention the deplorable condition of County Road 2 that runs from Old Cahaba to Orville. Mr. Ballard promised me that he would work with Commissioner Curtis Williams who shares jurisdiction on County Road 2 to repave that dangerous road. He did exactly what he promised! We are a black couple and we can cite numerous other examples of Mr. Ballard taking a total color blind approach to any problem that is brought to his attention. Mr. Ballard has an excellent business career, stable family, firm faith in God, a record of community involvement for 40 years and a proven record of political service; I support Kim and urge everyone to vote for and support him for Probate Judge of Dallas County.

Larry & Rosa Honor

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Orrville, Al