Class format issue presented to city school board

Published 12:00 am Thursday, May 18, 2006

The Selma Times-Journal

The issue of the four-block system came up again at the Selma City Schools Board meeting Thursday night.

Near the end of the night’s agenda, Selma High PTO president Amos Moore and vice-president Collins Pettway addressed the board requesting that it consider changing from the current seven-period system.

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Pettway said the four-block calendar would allow students to take more electives as well as allow those that were falling behind to have an easier time making classes up.

“Right now with kids taking seven classes, they’re taking seven books to school,” Pettway said. “But carrying around three or four books, they’ll be able to concentrate more. The problems come when (the system) is not administrated right.”

Moore said he has seen statistics that show students who are in the system perform better academically.

The two men also addressed concerns about the continuation of the Early College Program.

Although there are passionate opinions on each side of the issue, school board president Benjamin Givan said few positives could come from taking action immediately.

“No one is bigger than the school system – no one,” Givan said. “In order to vote intelligently, you must have the facts. This board is accountable; we are responsible, there’s no doubt about that. We are concerned about the welfare of the boys and girls of this city.”

Givan iterated that although the next scheduled meeting is next month, the board could convene publicly at any time if the need arose.

The board also voted unanimously to add a 3.5-mills district school tax and 5-mills county tax to the August 29 ballot and to adopt recommendations for a school dress code.