Know your candidate

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, May 17, 2006

To the Editor:

Before you vote for a candidate, make sure you know all about the individual. Check out your resources, the newspaper, radio, television and most importantly what other people think of the individual’s character, honesty, moral responsibility and accountability.

Don’t vote for a yard sign. You may end up in the “ditch.” As the old saying goes, “Foolish Names Like Foolish Faces Always Seen in Public Places.”

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As a voter, we should hold a candidate responsible, liable and accountable for his actions – both past and present. We must because these factors determine his character.

I would never vote for a person because of race, religion or political party and only a “fool” would. Leadership ability and accountability are the two most important factors in any election.

They are seldom considered on election day.

That’s why we are in such a mess.

Know your Candidate!

You can’t learn leadership from your successor. You either have it or you don’t. People know if you do. Let’s not kid ourselves. If Selma and Dallas County are going to survive, it’s going to require a “hell of a lot” of great leadership in key positions.

Don’t waste your vote on promises, racial or religious rhetoric or good old boy politics. Leadership is the name of the game and those of us who care know it. Let’s Vote Leadership!

It’s a long time between now and Nov. 7, 2006. Check out the candidates and see who you trust, who you believe and most importantly, who you want to lead us out of this mess we’re in.

Ask each candidate why they seek the positions. Is is for financial gain, prestige, power, title or is for the “betterment” of Selma and Dallas County? Ask what changes they bring to the “table.” Do they have proven leadership ability capable of bringing people together in order to work for a common cause?

People working together will be the “Key to Victory.”

Miriam P. Wells

Wife of Candidate