City receives Brownfields funding

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, May 17, 2006

To the Editor:

The city of Selma is both honored and excited about being selected by EPA for additional Brownfields funding. We realized early during our first Brownfields grant that we needed an open and honest relationship with EPA and ADEM. With that understanding, we reached out and shared information.

In exchange, we received needed technical assistance and support that led to overwhelming success.

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Today, we pledge to continue our open and honest communications with both federal and state environmental regulatory agencies. We pledge to remain focused on our mission that is stated in our grant application.

I want to thank the team of people who worked on the grant application within the city of Selma’s Planning and Development Department and Honorable Artur Davis, congressman for the 7th District, for his unwavering support of Selma.

And, I want to acknowledge the technical assistance provided during our previous grant performance by consultant Debra Love, president of DHL Consultants. Collectively, we (EPA, ADEM, DHL and the city) made a great team, and I look forward to continuing and expanding our relationship and success.

To all, thank you and for our success, “To God be the Glory.”

Mayor James Perkins Jr.