Mayor needs reality check on tower issue

Published 12:00 am Thursday, May 11, 2006

To the Editor,

In the Thursday, May 11 story on the new E-911 tower, I was very surprised that Mayor Perkins would even closely compare this wonderful life saving tower as a criminal act!

There is no way that rape, robbery and drugs can be compared to erecting a tower to better serve the public.

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Furthermore, the mayor and Jimmy Nunn need to get on the reality train soon. When was the last time either one of them drove through Old Town? Where are the city codes? They are all hiding in the multitude of burned and abandoned houses, old cars on blocks and mile-high piles of rubbish and waist high grass!

I don’t know all the background mess behind this, yet again, silly debate, but I can be sure it has something to do with “control.”

I can’t wait for the next “big city” election to roll around. I know how I’m voting.

Jane Bjelke