Censors needed on radio program

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, May 9, 2006

To the Editor:

There should be some type of broadcasting law against the type of language and personal attacks that are constantly aired on WBFZ 105.3 featuring J.L. Chestnut and Cliff Albright.

Old tactics in a new year have begun. I tuned in to WBFZ at the request of a friend.

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I promised that I would never listen to that hogwash again when I heard them outright lie about George Evans’ intent to run for Probate Judge a month or so ago and they knew this was just a way to stir up the few negative repeat callers.

There is something that must be shared with the citizens of Selma and Dallas County because they don’t seem to get the picture and the puzzle has come full circle of what some had predicted with that outdated method of controlling voters called New South Ballots and Cliff Albright’s phony Freedom Choice.

These people you hear on these unprofessional radio talk shows like WBFZ are not your friend.

It’s clear they do not share the concept of black unity, because if they did they would not be bashing black candidates simply because they do not want to continue to keep our people in bondage mentally making it totally impossible to move forward.

You had better look down your street, up your street, and around the corner and see that there is nothing these same people on the radio has, or is going, to do for you.

Every time election time comes, they crucify the state representative so badly that those who were not going to vote for him had to change their mind.

Unfortunately, you will never hear them bash a higher political figure and we all know that probable cause is there or any of the other candidates.

Sometimes you need to wonder why someone is fighting so hard to keep one man down.

Could it be that they know that their days on God’s green earth are shortly numbered and they must elect a new breed of keepers at the gates of poor black voters to continue the control of the black vote so only them and their families and friends will escape poverty.

And the poor old voter who listens to that hogwash on radio talk shows like 105.3 get tricked for another four to six years.

You see, the real Uncle Tom’s are those blacks who continue to fight for absolute power over your vote on a piece of blue paper or a name called Freedom. Give us a break, some of us are intelligent enough to know better.

Alfred Moore