Probate judge important position

Published 12:00 am Saturday, May 6, 2006

In less than a month, voters will go to the polls to cast their ballot in the June 6 primary.

The governor’s race seems to be the most entertaining this year, but there are also a number of other important offices that will be put in the voters’ hands on that important Tuesday.

Among those positions locally on the ballot are sheriff, coroner, circuit court clerk, circuit court judge, state representative, state senator and perhaps the most important relating to Selma and Dallas County – the probate judge.

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In today’s paper, the office of probate judge is examined.

What you find is that the responsibility is instrumental to our community’s progress.

Among the many things the probate office covers are estate and interstate proceedings, deeds and documentation, mortgages and land condemnations.

The judge of probate also handles adoptions, name changes, commitments, conservatorships and guardianships. The position supervises a staff of between 12 and 15 people, including everyone in his office and the staff that aids the county commission.

The primary focus of the job is the role of chairman of the commission.

Because the commission chairman runs the county government, it is both the most important and most time-consuming aspect of the job.

But it is by no means a dictatorship. The position requires to work with others in county, city and state government.

This is one of the most – if not most – important position in our county and it is important to make sure the right person is elected to replace Judge Jones.

Stay tuned to The Times-Journal for upcoming articles containing more information on each candidate vying for this office.

The person who is elected as Dallas County’s next probate judge should be someone qualified, sincere and honest. Our hope is to provide the facts so that you, the voters, can make that decision.