Letter not accurate reflection of Hisel

Published 12:00 am Saturday, May 6, 2006

To the Editor:

The more I read the letter to the editor written by the Rev. Henson the more upset I get. This is some time after the letter but I feel I must say this.

For you to say that Mr. Hisel is a “knitpicker” when he wrote his article about what one half million dollars could do for crime and poverty, you remember, the money given by Congressman Davis toward the interpretive center is totally out of context for a pastor. If there is one thing that he is not, it is a “knit picker.”

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He is one of the few in our city that it not intimidated by this administration and tells it like it is. He uses facts, not fiction as many others do.

You being a new pastor in Selma, is it possible that you don’t understand the conditions in our city or are you just following the few in this city who do not want to identify with the dire needs of the people?

Mr. Hisel

has not only identified the problems in our city, he has stepped out to help the less fortunate more times than I can count.

For anyone to downgrade what he has and will do in our city to help is like shooting ourselves in the foot with our own gun. For you to stand behind your previous article on unity, you must understand that unity includes all others – not just those you prefer to unify with.

I have spoken to Mr. Hisel and, as always, he will speak with anyone at anytime. Maybe you could understand, after you speak to him, that our opinion of him is founded by the opinions of a very few.

Irene Allen