A spring in their step

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, May 3, 2006

the selma times-journal

It took six innings for the Ross Plumbing squad to post a 15-14 win over the El Ranchero squad in the 9-10 boys baseball age group.

Helping the winning team was Antonio Sanders with three runs. Xavier Waller, Chamorjie Wilson and Adam Bruno added two runs each.

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El Ranchero’s John Blackmon scored three runs. Jamie Bearden and Queshawn Thigpen scored two runs each.

Pepsi 11, Cahaba Furn. 8

A 5-0 lead in the first inning helped the Pepsi squad gain an 11-8 lead over the Cahaba Furniture squad.

Pepsi’s AJ Simmons, Clay Copeland, Justin Chandler and Joel Taylor each scored two runs to add to their team’s score.

Cahaba Furniture’s Chris Raymond and Tokove Wilson each scored two runs to add to their team’s score.

April 29, 2006

7-8 boys baseball

Cougar 12, Yeargan 9

The Cougar Chevron team pulled out a 12-9 victory over the Yeargan Construction team.

Justin Rhodes scored three runs each.

Cole Robertson and Wesley Gunter followed up with two runs each. Dylan Tatum, Wendell Jackson, Frank Middleton and Phillip Goodson each scored one run.

For Yeargan, Dylan Bamburg scored three runs. Lamar Crompton scored two runs. Jeremy Perkins, Malik Walker, Will Hatfield and Ryan Harville also helped their team with some runs.

Times-Journal 27,

Athlete’s Foote 18

The Selma Times Journal squad dominated the Athlete’s Foote squad with a 27-18 victory. Aiding the winning team was Jamar Pritchett who scored four runs. Reginald Simmons, Jarod Blackmon and Trent House each scored three runs. Nick Johnson, Connor Blackmon, Dakota Jarvis, Chance Lindsey, Garrett Grantham and Quindarius Griffin scored two runs each. Parker Little and Caleb McDougal added one run each to their team’s score.

For the losing team, Tristen Miles, Jay Simmons and Marlo Ellis each scored three runs. Landon Davis, Brandon McLain and Dee Bennet scored two runs each. Jacob Lope, Tanner Bender and Keon Moore each added one run to the final tally.

ASU Alumni 11,

Rehab Associates 10

It took six innings for the ASU Alumni team to gain an 11-10 win over the Rehab Associates squad.

Jemarion Brown scored three runs.

Jhalandis Sullivan scored two runs. Scoring one run were Gerald Barron, Deandre Alexander, Q Darius Melton and William Loftous.

Rehab’s Ty Albright and Quintavious Johnson each added two runs to their team’s score. Kahneil Oliver, Jayden Buford, Kentavius Page, Jonte Small, Theo Smith and Tyler Neely each added one run.

Blue Ox 21,

Exchange Club 17

Blue Ox gained a 21-17 win over Exchange Club. Aiding the winning team were Errol Parker, Mardreikus Miles and Brandon Moore all scored three runs. Chase Shipman, Stacey Russell, Rayford Mitchell, Slade Singleton and Jamal Harris scored two runs each.

Helping the Exchange Club were Ivan Williams and Tim Rubin with three runs each. Javorris Dudley, Ryhiem Eaton and Demerius Jones added two runs each.

April 29, 2006

9-10 boys baseball

Dallas Ave. Pharmacy 18, Carquest 0

In a four-inning showdown, Dallas Avenue Pharmacy defeated Carquest 18-0. Dalton Lee and Earlando Oliver both scored three runs.

Trey Powe, Wyatt Sims, Chavious Simmons and Rod Johnson added two runs to the final tally.

Ford Manderson, Trae Walker and Cameron Walker scored one run each.

April 29, 2006

9-10 girls softball

Auto Beauty 19,

Selma Cash & Carry 0

It only took three innings for the Auto Beauty squad to gain a 19-0 victory over the Selma Cash & Carry squad.

Helping Auto Beauty were Latoria Bender, Marquesha Hardy, Shekuria Johnson with three runs each.

Jalysa Turner and Amber Surles both added two runs each.

Shaquira Livingston, Nyonah Morrow, Elisha Bender, Marley Honser and Vina Oliver scored one run each.

Ken’s General Store 11,

International Paper 10

Ken’s 6-2 lead in the first inning helped them post an 11-10 win over International Paper. For the winning team, Susanna Wagoner, Krystal Aultman, Amber Black and Jumi Owden all scored two runs.

Jahira Whitlock and Marteshia Manzie added one run each.

For the International Paper squad, Shanon Crum scored three runs. Ayanna Moore, Nakeya Pope and Victoria Wolley scored two runs. Kei-Kei Blevins and Nakeda Cobb added one run each.

Mr. Roy’s 13,

Taylor Internal Med. 2

The Mr. Roy’s team scored the one run needed in the bottom of the fourth to take the 13-12 victory over the Taylor Internal Medicine team.

Aiding in this win were Breanna Walker, Cassidy Smith, Rodaisha Holman and Jonnacca Reed with two runs each. Salina Brown, Tenema Smith, Kathy Morris, Audry Simmons and Darcy Palmer each added one run.

Taylor’s Jasmine Connors and Noel Sanders added two runs each. Wille Chelsey Smith, Andreneka Milhouse, Chantel Crum, Makayla Tripp, Charquavia Craig, Melanie Sanders, Michala King and Bre’Anna Pope all added one run each.

Town & Country 10,

Steve Lane’s Truck & Auto 7

It took five innings for the Town & Country squad to post a 10-7 victory over the Steve’s Truck & Auto squad.

Irisha Moore scored two runs. Natasha Parrish, Kava Rawis, Jada Walker, Keyona Morrison, Jashuna Davis, Brittany Smith, Arial Maul and Kaitlyn Allen all scored one run each.

For the Steve’s Truck & Auto team, Candice Moore scored two runs. Claudia Kendrick, Kinjal Patel, Shandrekia Craig, Amber Lane and Amber Scott each added one run.

April 29, 2006

13-14 girls slow-pitch

Lee Kawasaki 9,

Kiwanis Club 8

It took seven innings for the Lee Kawasaki team to pull out a 9-8 win over the Kiwanis team. Marteisha Dillard scored three runs each.

Trentoria Richardson added two runs to her team’s score.

For the Kiwanis team, Felicia Pate and Jasmine Cooper each scored two runs to help their team.

First Ave. Cleaners 14,

Screenco 7

The First Avenue Cleaners team gained a 14-7 victory over the Screenco team. First Avenue’s Ty Hooks scored three runs. Emily McNeil, Ashley Smith and Kelsey Smitley each scored two runs.

Screenco’s Christy Harris added two runs to her team’s score.

Custom Rim & Tire 8,

Eye-Max 7

The Custom Rim & Tire squad pushed past the Eye-Max squad with a two run fourth inning to gain the 8-7 win.

Helping with this win was DeAnna Steele with a homerun. Jimilia Walker scored two runs.

Aiding the Eye-Max team were Samantha Livingston and Keosha Trone with two runs each.

April 29, 2006

7-8 boys baseball

Moore-Stewart Ford 16, Captain D’s 6

Moore-Stewart Ford’s 6-0 lead in the first inning helped them gain a 16-6 victory over Captain D’s.

For the winning team, Tez Atchison, Miller Spivey, Caleb Harris, Jalen Furlow, Graci Kelly and Jack Stewart each scored two runs to add to the final tally.