Fire it in there

Published 12:00 am Thursday, April 27, 2006

Selma Times Journal

Cahaba Furniture walked away with a 15-5 victory over Dallas Avenue Pharmacy. Lane Warren and Lee Brown scored three runs each.

Abrum Dudley and Takove Wilson each scored two runs. Chris Raymond and Rodreious Weathers both added one run to the total score.

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For the Dallas Avenue Pharmacy team, Ford Manderson scored two runs.

Jakobe Lawrence, Trey Powe and Derrick Lee each scored one run.

In other rec league action:

April 24, 2006

7-8 boys baseball

Shelby’s Tree Service 15, Cougar


The Shelby’s Tree Service squad defeated the Cougar Chevron squad 15-2 in four innings. Robert Girlie scored three runs. Scott Cole, Keith Dubose, Ranier Colvin and Wayne Campbell each scored two runs.

Bradley Hood, Evan Glaze and Austin Threadgill each scored one run.

Aiding the Cougar Chevron team were Cole Roberts and Dylan Tatum with one run each.

Athlete’s 24, Coffee Printing 9

Athlete’s Foote started out with a 5-2 lead in the fist inning and held on to that lead, which ended in a 24-9 victory over Coffee Printing.

Landon Davis, Tristen Myles and Marlo Ellis were 4-for-4 scoring four runs each. Deante Bernett was 3-for-3. Jay Simmons, Brandon McLain and Jacob Cope scored two runs each.

Paul Daniels added one run to his team’s score.

For Coffee Printing, Dyarius Johnson, Joseph Jones and Brandon Smith scored two runs each. William Reed and Alex Johnson both added one run each.

April 24, 2006

7-8 girls softball

Gayle’s Amoco 17, Carter Drug 11

Gayle’s Amoco gained a 17-11 victory over Carter Drug. Anna Gayle Hubbard and Quadasha Holmes both scored three runs each.

Jala Hayes, Taria Johnson and Chelsey Smith each scored two runs.

Carter Drug’s Mary Paige Tramme, Timia Coleman and Khlya Blevins scored two runs each.

April 24, 2006

9-11 girls fast-pitch softball

Tabor Construction 12, Cougar


It took five innings for the Tabor Construction team to post a 12-5 win over the Cougar Chevron team.

Helping the Tabor Construction team was Jade Johnson who scored three runs.

Britnee Everheart, Lindsey Yeldell and Olivia Watts each scored one run to add to their team’s score.

For the Cougar Chevron team, Kelsey Irwin scored one run.

Dollar Saver 9, UTU 1053 0

Whitney Denson led the Dollar Saver team to a 9-0 victory over UTU 1053 with 11 strikeouts.

Denson and Lyndsey Patton each scored one run in order

to aid their team in the victory. Amy Persinger added two runs to her team’s final score.

For the UTU 1053 team, Arianna Childers aided her team with some hits.

April 24, 2006

7-8 girls softball

Blackbelt S&D 18, Henry Brick 2

The Blackbelt Sewer & Drain team took the 2-1 lead in the first inning and held on to seal a 18-2 victory over the Henry Brick team.

Ty Murray scored three runs. Trenda Simpson, Alexis Brown, Zykia Pettway, Annesa Watson and Ivey Harris each scored two runs.

For the Henry Brick team, Kelsey Cooper and Alexis Smith each scored one run to add to their team’s score.

Rotary Club 18, Dallas Avenue 0

It took three innings for the Rotary Club team to post an 18-0 win over the Dallas Avenue Pharmacy team.

Helping the winning team were Tyla Williams, Morgan Lanier, Tyashia Watkins, Charmekia Moore, Alandra Hooks and Yasmeen Green who scored two runs each.

The Dallas Avenue Pharmacy team remained scoreless.