Setting the record straight on info leak

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, April 26, 2006

To the Editor:

I am addressing this letter to all who listened to or attended the city council meeting on April 10, 2006.

This is to set the record straight concerning an accusation by the mayor that Councilman Cain or Councilman Williamson had leaded information to me concerning the proposed purchase of land between the old Wal-Mart and Bell Road.

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I can tell you honestly and with sincere candor that neither of these individuals have spoken to me concerning this matter.

Neither have told me that Mr. Larry Striplin owns this land.

Neither have told me that this land was valued at approximately $5,500 per acre and the proposed price in 2006 is $8,000 per acre.

Neither have told me that Mr. Striplin was the largest single contributor to the mayor’s 2004 mayoral campaign with a $3,500 contribution.

Neither have told me about part of this land being considered a flood plain. Neither have told me that at a council meeting in June 2002, the mayor stated that there was a “narrow window of time” to make this purchase for the Selma Housing Authority.

I surmise that the “narrow window of time is still open.”

I write this to point out that this information was not given to me by either council member. The information I have written about is taken from public records or conveyed to me by a friend who was indirectly involved in a “meeting” at the St. James, attended by the mayor and many of our city leaders.

Strong drink and a boastful ego will loosen a wise tongue. I feel Mr. Cain and Mr. Williamson deserve a public apology, as they were publicly accused.

Gene Hisel