Put me in coach …’

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Selma Times Journal

Gayle’s Amoco came out on top with a 19-4 victory over Henry Brick. Tori Shaw scored with a home run, two doubles and a single, scoring four runs.

Mallory Freine was 3-for-3. Tori Hatfield had two doubles and a single, scoring two runs.

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Henry Brick’s Kelsey Cooper had two of the team’s runs from two singles.

Tayma Fuller and Akexis Smith both had singles. Jada Flanagan added a hit for the team.

In other rec league action:

April 22, 2006

Dixie Boys Baseball

Pepsi 6, Healthmark 2

It took seven innings for the Pepsi team to gain a 6-2 victory over Healthmark. Pepsi’s Forrest Hughes helped the team by scoring two runs. Connor Thorpe scored one run.

For Healthmark, Edward Bell and Deavon Steward each scored one run.

April 22, 2006

11-12 boys baseball

Moore-Stewart 13, Selma C&C 4

The Moore-Stewart team

gained a 13-4 victory over

the Selma Cash & Carry team. Craig Price added to the team’s score by having two hits.

John Pomeroy Derrick Walker, Reed Stewart, Marquel Melton, Conner Stephens and Allan Crawford each had one hit.

Selma Cash & Carry’s Shavarius Holeman and Rashad had one hit each.

Steve Lane 14, George P&B 5

The Steve Lane team pulls out a 14-5 victory over the George Paint & Body team. For the winning team, Joey Raybon scored three runs. Crawford Traylor, Authur Murry and Kendurin Young each scored two runs.

For the George Paint & Body team, Craig King, Cobb Bostik, Damon Page and Riley Hopkins added one run each.

Brown Drug 4, AG Edwards 2

Brown Drug managed to gain a 4-2 victory over AG Edwards after being tied in the first inning.

The players who helped their team achieve this win were Quintravis Johnson, Tyler Jones, Rickey Simpson and Evorett Thompson with one run each.

AG Edwards’ Davarious Benovar and Darion Alexander each scored one run.

April 22, 2006

5-6 girls softball

Taylor Med. 13, Woodmen


The Taylor Internal Medicine team was able to secure a 13-5 win over the Woodmen of the World team after two innings. Shanya England, Kisha Page, Heavenly Edwards and Calandra Morrow each scored two runs.

For the Woodmen of the World team, Kinsley Mott and Lauren Thomas added two runs to their team’s final score.


8, Morris Lumber 7

Reliable Cadillac pushed past the Morris Lumber squad in the second inning to gain a 8-7 victory.

Helping the team win were Aubrey Oudley, Jordan Williams and Myrian Davis with two runs each.

For the Morris Lumber squad, Janiece Sanders scored two runs.

April 22, 2006

7-8 girls softball

Carter 14, Gray’s 13

The Carter Drugs squad secured a 14-13 lead over the Gray’s Furniture team even though it was a close game.

Maggie Smireimar and Jakayla Thrash each scored a trio of runs. Morgan Smitherman scored two runs.

Helping the Gray’s Furniture team was Jabicena Lewis and Justice Kennedy both added three runs to their team’s score.

Morgan Grantham and Kinley Vardamon both scored two runs each.

April 22, 2006

11-12 boys baseball

Bush Hog 18, Turner


Bush Hog was able to secure an 18-4 win over Turner Motor. Aiding the winning team were Steele Jackson, Alton Carmichael and Dylan Lawrence with two hits each.

Jackson and Carmichael each had two RBIs. Cody Griffin, Andrew Persinger and Wesley Williams had one hit each. Williams had two RBIs.

For Turner Motor, Alexander Peoples had one hit and two RBIs.

April 22, 2006

9-11 girls fast-pitch

Dollar Saver 22, Cougar


It took five innings for the Dollar Saver squad to post a 22-5 victory over Cougar Chevron.

For the winning team, Whitney Denson and Karlynn Savage both scored four runs each. Heather Bright and Rebecca Hastings scored three runs each.

Gabryelle Dunning and Tiffany Kaldor each scored two runs. Margret Mims and Allie Tepper both scored one run each. For the Cougar Chevron squad, Robin Small, Anna Little, Llogen Towns, Kelsey Irwin and Jordan Parnell scored one run each.

Tabor 10, UTU 1053 6

It took six innings for the Tabor Construction team to post a 10-6 win over the UTU 1053 team.

Olivia Watts, Mary Logan Kelly and Paige Fancher each scored two runs. Katherin Averitt, Lauren Yeldell, Kendall Veuch and Maggie Jackson each scored one run.

UTU 1053’s Caileigh Denny added to her team’s final score with two runs.

Laigan Godwin, Dakota Sallie, Daisy Harvell and Reyn Cowart each scored one hit.

April 24, 2006

11-12 boys baseball

Steve Lane 11, Dallas A& H 1

Austin Anderson led his Steve Lane’s Truck & Auto team to a 11-1 victory over Dallas Air & Heat with seven strikeouts. Andrew Dudley, Crawford Traylor, Joey Raybon, Trey Mack and Cory Wharton had one hit each. Dudley and Traylor had two RBIs each.

For the Dallas Air & Heat squad, Bo Sommers had the team’s only hit.

April 24, 2006

Dixie Boys Baseball

Pepsi 13, Pilcher 6

The Pepsi team posted a 13-6 victory over the Pilcher McBryde squad. Pepsi’s pitcher, Trey Daniels, helped his team with eight strikeouts.

Ladarius Murry had one single and one double. Forest Hughes had three singles and one walk.

Conner Thorpe had one single and one double. Tyler added to the team’s score with one single and one homerun. For the Pilcher McBryde team, Wilbert McConnico had one single and one double. Reid Foundren had one single and one walk.

April 24, 2006

9-10 girls softball

Auto Beauty 16, Taylor Med 4

It took four innings for the Auto Beauty team to gain a 16-4 win over the Taylor Internal Medicine team.

Shekvria Johnson and Jalysa Turner both scored a trio of runs for the winning team.

Selma C&C 14, Steve Lane 6

Selma Cash & Carry used a four-run fourth to gain a 14-6 victory over Steve Lane’s Truck & Auto.

Morgan Barrett, Desiree Bishop, Tiffany Mitchell, Chelsea Savage and Chasity Meadows each scored two runs. Tayler Fancher from the Steve Lane’s Truck & Auto team scored two runs.

Ken’s 4, Mr. Roy’s 3

It took six innings for the Ken’s General Store team to post a 4-3 victory over the Mr. Roy’s team.

April 24, 2006

9-10 boys baseball

Pepsi 14, Wachovia 10

Pepsi edged ahead of Wachovia in the sixth inning to seal the 14-10 victory.

Helping Pepsi were Joel Taylor, Jay Barnett, Corey Lee and John Bell scored two runs. Kyle Friday, Alston Ivey, Clay Copeland, Josh Jeter, John Roberts

and Michael Parker scored one run each.

For Wachovia, Letarious Wright and Jesse Hogue each scored two runs.

Chase Girlie, Cody Bohanon, Payton Cunningham, Chris Bohanon, Chris Jones and Jamarvis Shanks added one run each to their team’s score.