Williams fails drug test No. 2 No way, not Ricky

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Okay, sportsfans, call me shocked, call me awed, call me discombobulated &045; but the NFL has just suspended Ricky Williams for a year for the second time because he couldn’t pass the League’s substance abuse policy.

Now, with all sarcasm aside – is there someone living under a rock out there that didn’t see this one coming?

Think about it, sportsfans, this guy took a year off from the NFL to go get high. Excuse me, to practice holistic medicine.

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I knew guys in college that practiced holistic medicine &045; they also listened to bands like Jimi Hendrix, Bob Marley and Sublime and held April 20 as a day of reverence.

Williams could take an NFL drug test three years from now and still not pass it because he got that baked in his year-long hiatus from organized football.

But hey, everyone knows that Williams made an impact during his tenure in the NFL.

(Sits at computer screen scratching head while searching for some positive Ricky Williams statistic.)

Okay, so maybe I was wrong, and the guy was a glorified head case.

Statistically, Williams has only been to Hawaii once as a Pro Bowl selection, and that was in 2002 when he was a good and functional head case. In a four-year span,

Williams has only had a handful of 100-yard rushing games.

Now, if this were any other running back then that stat wouldn’t be a big deal.

But the guy won the Doak Walker trophy while he was in the burnt orange of Texas.

Yeah, that’s got to make Mack Brown proud. His &8220;Hook’em Horns&8221; pride and joy is now a dysfunctional head case that can’t pass a simple drug test.

But, I digress to other things.

Can I have &8220;His house, his business&8221; for $300, Alex?

Okay, so let me get this straight.

A guy volunteered to provide housing for Reggie Bush and his family all throughout the football season and the Trojans’ run to a Rose Bowl loss, allowed them to stay there all the while Bush was at the combine and various other things to get himself ready for the draft.

Now, with the draft less than a handful of days away, a stir is being raised about this?

Come on. What UCLA fan started this investigation?

If there was a problem with Bush’s living arrangement, it should have been brought up during football season and not during the draft.

Bringing it up now makes about as much sense as celebrating the Confederate Memorial Day.

The big stink is that the guy who owns the house wants to steer Bush towards signing with the Chargers. A big to-do is being made because student-athletes aren’t allowed to accept gifts. But at this point, who cares?

Bush is not a student-athlete anymore. In less than five days he’s going to be a rich athlete.

Speaking of things that don’t make sense to me …

Now, I know I’m not the brightest bulb in the box or the sharpest knife in the drawer sometimes.

But would someone please explain to me why NASCAR is so popular?

Seriously, am I the only person in the state that thinks the sport is a complete waste of time and would rather do something productive than watch a car around a track 399 times?

Oh well.

I guess to each their own.

It’s that’s simple.

Griffin Pritchard is the Sports Editor of The Selma Times-Journal.