Individuals must take responsibility

Published 12:00 am Monday, April 24, 2006

To the Editor:

We sure live in a amazing time in history. There is more going on at a faster past than at any other time.

With all the problems that plague our community no one seems to catch more of the blame than parents.

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Now don’t

get me wrong – there are bad parents in the world. The government and the politicians over the years have implement programs and laws that have hindered the role of parents.

Then to come back and place the blame back on parents when these programs and laws have failed is more than sad.

They have in fact

help create the problems that are know dealing with in the areas of crime and education.

Now they would like us all to join with them to seek a solution with more programs such as a task force and other community groups.

The “Fight Against Crime” will do as much good as the “War On Drugs” it will not work.If you want to curb crime it starts first with the implication of the word of God at home and with individual responsibility for ones own actions.

And quit playing the blame game.

George Thames

Valley Grande