Acknowledging Caldwell’s contribution

Published 12:00 am Thursday, April 20, 2006

To the Editor:

My name is Willie Peoples, and I attended Shiloh High School in Sardis.

I was either a seventh grader or eighth grader when Mr Caldwell came to our school as a principal.

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would like to applaud you for publishing the article about Mr. Caldwell. Mr.Caldwell was the principal of Shiloh High School.

He departed Shiloh to become the principal of Keith High School, (one of our rival in the county). He turned the athletic program around

in my final year, and in later years after graduation, Keith became a competitive force in Dallas County.

I read the account of his tenure at Keith High School, and I wish that he had not departed.

He was a strict disciplinary and was what Shiloh needed.

As you might note, Shiloh was later

fazed out (it became a Elementary School) and Keith retained it identity. I

would just like to say thanks for publishing the article and allowing it to be published on the web.

I have written this letter to you to acknowledge a positive individual who not only made

an impact on me and my family but I know that he also made a positive influence on the community of Sardis.

P.S. I also remember that he was the big fellow who drove a “yellow” VW Beetle.

Willie Peoples