This isn’t even right

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Ok sportsfans, I know I made a vow to myself as well as several of my associates to stop ripping on easy targets such as Terrell Owens and Barry Bonds. But, I’m afraid I have to break that vow.

Barry Bonds has been back in the news recently and is chasing Babe Ruth’s record of 714 home runs in a season.

Now while I am vehemently against Bonds getting any kind of positive recognition after the news came out that he took steroids, the reality did strike me that he was going to pass one of the game’s greatest hitters this season.

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Now, don’t get me wrong, I realize that George Herman Ruth wasn’t exactly the ideal role model. The guy was so overweight his blood type was bar-b-cue sauce. He drank enough alcohol to fuel a dragster. But with that withstanding, he never took any performance enhancers to make him a better player. If anything, he should have stroked out running from home to first.

Ruth had to hit bombs each time he was up, if he had to seriously run his heart would have simply said … &8220;No.&8221;

Bonds, is the complete opposite of Ruth.

Bonds is a good hitter, I’m not denying that, especially since he is a left-handed batter and plays in National League parks that have short porches in right.

But, Bonds took steroids to enhance his game to give him an advantage over everyone else. His records should be either removed or have astericks placed next to them because of what he did.

Now, on top of all of this, he has his own reality show.

That makes as much sense as being stone cold sober and crashing into a parked train.

Bonds on Bonds is a joke. This show just proves that Bonds is a head-case and should just go away.

I realize that he will breaks Ruth’s record, even though I personally will be cheering for him to put on base everytime he approaches the plate.

If there is any doubt, my newsroom counterparts can vouch after watching the Braves play the Giants on the left coast on Saturday afternoon.

Alex, can I have murder in Memphis for $500 Alex?

It was reported on Tuesday that disgraced Alabama booster Logan Young was found dead at his Memphis home by his housekeeper.

Now, while most Alabama fans hold his name in the same respect they hold the Auburn fight song, it’s still incredibly unfair that his life was ended this way. According to police officials from Memphis, the entire house looks like a crime scene.

Wow, at least the old guy didn’t go down without a fight.

Now for something on the positive, slightly comical front.

I, being of round body and short stature have decided to add exercise to my diet. Starting in the next couple of weeks, I will be taking Tae Kwan Doe at Karate World and joining the newsroom’s resident Duchess in hip hop aerobics.

Yeah, let those two ideas marinate.

Until next week.

It’s that simple.