Mayor not listening to public

Published 12:00 am Monday, April 10, 2006

To the Editor:

It is hard for me to believe, Mayor Perkins, with all of the negative conditions in our city that you would have the time or energy to involve yourself with a supposed “landmark event” for the city of New Orleans.

It pains me that you can be involved in so many outside activities such as this and yet our city is fighting an all-time high in crime and division.

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If you are posturing yourself for a higher political office then please move on so that we can move forward.

If you’re not, remove yourself from the pedestal you have put yourself on and get with the program.

Many of us are looking forward to your “one day every four years” open door policy so we can express to you in person how we feel. You are always unavailable to anyone of whom you wish not to speak, those with differing opinions and views.

It’s a shame we have to wait until election year to see any positive changes in our city. After that year it’s back to the same old routine, hide and seek and catch me if you can.

Selma will change in spite of you and your cronies who seek glory and power instead of what is good for our city. You talk a good talk but that’s about as far as it goes.

Also, you are mighty high on your statement staying that we had 1,100 new jobs in the last year. Three council meetings ago you said 600. This confuses me. Which number is it? Just talk! It’s past time for a change.

Irene C. Allen