County faced with critical decision

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, March 29, 2006

To the Editor:

Three years ago, I wrote several articles to The Selma Times-Journal encouraging everyone to vote for Bob Riley in the gubernatorial election. I stated why I felt he was the best choice for Alabama and in particular Selma and Dallas County. My feelings have not changed and Gov. Riley’s impeccable record speaks for itself. As County Team Leader for Gov. Riley, I will be promoting his re-election with much “Vigor.”

As we approach the upcoming election cycle, Dallas County is again faced with a major decision which will affect County Government and its citizens for years to come. The office of Probate Judge will fall under new leadership. This is not a matter to be taken lightly as it could have a profound impact on all citizens in Dallas County. A lack of “Leadership” in this position could prove disastrous.

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I recently went before the Valley Grande City Council to “educate and energize” the Mayor as well as the Council Members on the importance of this position. Emphasis was placed on the duties of the Probate Judge which included being Chairman of the County Commission. This means the Judge oversees just about everything that takes place in the county. I explained the importance of having an individual who can display leadership, confidence and credibility.

Having served 30 years in the military, I have experienced outstanding leadership as well as substandard leadership. Trust me! The last thing we need to do is place a “Substandard Leader” in the office of Probate Judge. If you except mediocrity, then you get what you deserve.

Col. K. Brock Wells

USA Ret.

Chairman DCALGOP