Find a way to decrease crime

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Over the course of the past month, it has become painfully obvious that the Queen City has become anything but what its historic name suggests.

A growing amount of people have found themselves the hapless victims of random attacks ranging from purse-snatchings to having money stolen while selling Girl Scout cookies.

Every night of the week, the scanner blares one phrase “shots fired!” and the ambulance, police cruiser, sheriff cruiser or fire truck goes over the bridge at least once a night.

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But, when asked if Selma is a safe city, the leaders all reply with a resounding, “yes.”

Now, the question raised is a simple one:

Is Selma’s leadership so entrenched in worrying about driving businesses from deciding to come here, or is their head dug so far in the sand that they really have no idea how to truthfully answer the question?

When someone can’t even put flowers on a grave in broad daylight, that becomes a problem. When an elderly lady can’t make it from her car to her apartment not even 20 yards away, that’s a problem.

Is Selma a safe city?

No, resoundingly, no.

Now that the question has been unequivocably answered, what can be done about it?

It’s going to take work to fix the situation. A recent interview with law enforcement officers reveals that a majority of the crimes in Selma is due to the drug trade.

Mr. Mayor and Council, why don’t you start there?

Instead of spending a majority of the city council meeting posturing and positioning yourselves in a non-election year, actively work on a solution that would benefit the city. If it involves hiring more police officers, getting better equipment or even taking the dogs into the schools – both public and private – to curb this ever growing anti-industry, then so be it.

If someone is mugged in broad daylight in a cemetery that should be a big, screaming red flag that there is a problem in this town. Now it’s your task to find a way to fix it.

Leaders, the people have chosen you to lead this city. Making Selma a safe place to live is what’s best for this city.

It’s easy to sit with your head in the sand, pretending that everything is okay. Ostriches do it all the time.