So tired of these professional crybabies

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Ok Sportsfans, is it just me or is it that in order for someone to be a professional athlete their maturity has to drop to spoiled two-year-old status?

Think about it sports fans.

Terrell Owens didn’t get his 100th touchdown recognized by the Eagle franchise so he effectively took his ball and went and stood in the corner until they finally told him to go home.

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Now, it’s translated to baseball.

Alfonso Soriano, the former Yankee who was traded to Texas for A-Rod has been signed by the Washington Nationals under the revelation that he will be an outfielder.

But, when the Nat’s took the field the other day, Soriano refused to join his team because he wanted to play second base.

You know sports fans the guy doing the PA and the music at RFK ought to make crying noises every time this guy comes to the plate.

Talk about taking your ball and going home.

Now Terrell has been signed by Dallas.

I actually think this is a good idea. I hate that America’s team had to release Keyshawn Johnson to make room on their roster and under their salary cap for Owens.

But if anyone can convince Owens that his actions will forever speak louder than his words it’s Bill Parcells.

But, Owens is writing a book that will tell his side of the Philadelphia debacle.

This is a bad idea.

The T.O.-Philly drama is in the past, let it lay there. Don’t rehash it just so you can make yourself look better.

How hard is it for someone who get’s paid roughly more than the gross national product of Ethiopia to realize that they are role models and should act like it.

Now, with that out of my system, does anyone have a bracket that’s still working?

Mine is not busted yet, but it’s on life-support.

Tell you something sports fans, before this tournament had anyone ever heard of Bradely, Wichita State and George Mason.

I mean, these Midwest schools for the tall came from out of nowhere and have probably done their best to advance and in the process have blown people’s brackets out of the water.

But hey, that’s what makes this time of the year fun. You never know who’s going to jump up and bite someone.

And lastly, my alma mater has finally earned an invitation to face the Crimson Tide in the capstone for a college baseball match-up.

Apparently the Tiders can’t find Troy on a map. But, this should be a good test for both schools before they begin conference play.

It’s great to see rivalries that should have already been in place, put in place.

Go Trojans.

It’s that simple.