Don’t keep looking back, look ahead

Published 12:00 am Monday, March 13, 2006

To the Editor:

This is a response to Alston Fitts’ interpretation on your Feb. 27 article and those who view truth and facts as personal attacks.

Mr. Fitts, I don’t believe the article submitted by Mr. Green was a personal attack on the mayor.

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Perhaps you should read it thoroughly again, then you will see a lot of truth in what he was saying.

You know, Mr. Fitts, being a person that works with the public, I have found most times people with bad judgements are the first to insist on others seeing things their way.

Please tell me when will the day come when comparisons of Smitherman vs. Perkins will end. With all the animosity and hell bound spirits of the people who continue to use Smitherman as a scapegoat each time a legitimate question is asked of the current mayor, is ridiculous and another way of keeping progress on the back burner.

Smitherman has been out of office seven years, dead for a year.

Remember the old clich, “two wrongs don’t make a right?” One cannot erase time. It is the one thing man cannot turn back, no matter how scientific we become, history is taught as a way of bringing us up to date as to the origination of our present state of being, so that errors made then do not repeat themselves again. Education, not degradation.

It was never intended for what some of the local self-proclaimed civil rights and know-all superficial lawyers and law-affiliated persons have used it for, to keep you on a leash, depending on them to make voting decisions for you.

That kind of history teachings will have you like Lot’s wife, looking back and turning into pillars of salt, unable to go forward.

In knowing this, we should wonder, “Who is the real Uncle Tom’s?”

Lucinda Smith