A tribute to a teacher

Published 12:00 am Sunday, March 5, 2006

To the Editor:

When I moved to Selma in 1952, I attended the Selma Avenue Church of Christ and Miss Jean Cosby was my first Sunday School teacher there.

She was a wonderful teacher and it was she who introduced me to many Bible characters through the use of the flannelgraph.

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I had moved from a very small country church in north Alabama where we had

a class containing all ages of children and cards with a tiny picture and a Bible story on them.

The flannelgraph and Miss Cosby’s bright smile and sparkling eyes helped to teach me Bible stories and songs which are still with me.

Aunt Jean, for this was the term lovingly adopted by all the children she taught, loved the Lord Jesus very much and her lift reflected this in many ways.

Not only did she teach children about God for many years, she always saw that there were fresh flowers artistically arranged for the sanctuary in the church building.

She also baked communion bread for use in the Lord’s Supper at our church.

I remember going to her house and watching her make it.

I was fascinated and learned to make it also.

Some of my fondest memories of Aunt Jean have to do with Wednesday nights when she would pick my sister and me up for church.

She did this for several years, even when we moved and it was out of her way to come for us.

And, imagine the delight of two little girls when, after Bible Study, she would take us by Lee’s Drugstore on Broad Street for an ice cream cone!

When the Selma Avenue Church of Christ became Houston Park Church of Christ, Jean’s touch for the beautiful became evident in the planning and design of the lovely new building.

She loved flowers and beautiful things.

I thought of poet John Keats’

line when I was reminiscing about Aunt Jean today.

“A thing of beauty is a joy forever.”

Jean did take joy in beautiful things.

She created beauty and used the talents the Lord gave her.

I thank God for her love for my family and others because of her deep love for her Savior.

Jean Cosby’s life was a thing of beauty and will bring joy forever to the many whose lives touched hers.

Aunt Jean, I know heaven is enhanced by your arrival there.

We miss you, but your influence and memories of you will bring much joy forever.

Gail Box Ingram

Valley Grande