Elected officials should help improve community

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Selma is a beautiful city with a rich heritage.

It is a city where folks sit on their front porches and greet their neighbors – where the number of warm, sunny days far outnumbers the rainy, cold ones.

The city boasts parks

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including a football stadium, a great sportsplex facility, recreation leagues for youth, a state-of-the-art YMCA under construction and beautiful historic homes and buildings.

Selma churches are packed on Sunday mornings with parishioners who are willing to reach out, care for the sick and help the needy.

This city is full of warm, friendly, caring people.

But you wouldn’t know that if you attend a Selma City Council meeting, or even if you listen on the radio.

Animosity was thick in the air of the council chambers Monday night – as it is most meeting nights.

These elected officials – including the mayor – may be warm, loving people who contribute to their community.

But all that is disguised by the contempt that drips from their mouths during council meetings.

If our elected officials cannot conduct the business of the people without resorting to name-calling, finger-pointing and dodging the real issues of the city, then they need to be replaced.

While the majority of the council may be there to serve and help their wards, a minority of the councilmembers continue to bring up dead issues, present petty grievances and stall any possibility of progress.

There are issues facing our city that need serious consideration. Developing economic opportunities, making our communities safe and revitalizing our downtown are just some of the needs that should be addressed.

If these councilmembers don’t take action that improves the quality of life in our city, they should step down and let someone else step up.