Clearing Water Board misunderstandings

Published 12:00 am Friday, February 24, 2006

To the Editor:

There seems to be some misunderstanding concerning my reasons for filling a suspected violation against the Selma Water and Sewer Board.

Please allow me to state once again the reasons I feel this action was necessary.

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1. Reverend Goodwin, a citizen of the city of Selma, filed an ethics complaint and civil suit against the water board. The Ethics Commission

ruled that there was a violation and forwarded the complaint to the Attorney General.

The ethics complaint and the civil suit remained active until the time Rev. Goodwin withdrew the civil part of the suit shortly after his appointment to the water board.

The ethics complaint remained unanswered.

Rev. Goodwin deserves an answer and action concerning his ethics complaint

for the Attorney General’s office just as myself and the citizens of this city. This is a follow-up complaint of the same nature as was filed before.

2. The second reason is that there are no records of the city council

approving the increase of pay to water board members.

If it has not been approved, then it is not authorized.

I believe the municipal code is clear on this.

3. The third reason is that when it was brought back before the council they

chose not to address the issue.

This visibly caused animosity and further

division within our council and the community. This is one issue that can be put behind us by a simple reply and ruling on Rev. Goodwin’s and my complaint.

I’m surprised that anyone would say it was racially motivated by us wanting some form of peace or solution to this problem. The four people I filed the complaint against are black, but it was filed by names filling positions of appointment, not by their race.

So many times people throw the word “racism” around because they disagree or

don’t understand.

I hope this clears the air of any misconceptions surrounding this complaint or my reasons for this action.

May God Bless Selma.

Gene Hisel